It was a disappointing, frustrating night for concertgoers who waited over two hours in the rain and an electrical storm at the Missouri State Fair grandstand for the Trace Adkins Concert.

After a hot, humid, sunny afternoon the weather began to change as storms rolled into the area during the late afternoon hours. First, there were some foreboding dark clouds off in the distance. Yet, as we looked at the radar on Weatherology's app, it looked like the worst of the storm would stay north of us, along the Interstate 70 corridor.

just after 5:00 PM CDT, there was a quick temperature drop and the fairgrounds started to experience gusty sustained winds. It was all hands on deck at this point as we scrambled to keep our tent from blowing away and get all our equipment secured before the rains came.

About 5:20 PM CDT the State Fair canceled the parade, which made sense since anything not nailed down was blowing around the fairgrounds. Eventually, it started raining and many made the choice to duck into one of the entertainment tents or exhibition buildings.

At about 7:30 PM CDT, the State Fair announced via Facebook that the concert would be delayed, and said their staff was working towards holding the show and it would start shortly. Billy Browder, commenting on the fair's Facebook post, noted that they were having issues keeping the stage dry and that that the weather radar he was looking at it didn't have the rain moving out until after 10:30 PM

At about 8:30 PM CDT, the State Fair announced that the Dusty Slay / Trace Adkins show would start at 9:30 PM CDT. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. I left our studios between 8:30 PM - 9:00 PM CDT. There wasn't much rain, but there was an impressive lightning display that made me think the odds of the show happening were decreasing by the minute.

Finally, at about 9:15 PM CDT the State Fair announced that the Trace Adkins show was cancelled. Here are some of the comments posted from the Fair's Facebook Page:

"A more timely notice would have been nice. 43 min ago we had already heard by word of mouth and had left the grandstand to ho listen to the Nace Brothers!" - Diana Steele

"Can't believe they waited so late." -Mark Himebrook

"Should have done it sooner instead of making us wait 2 and half hours." - Wesley Koenig

That said, many understood the predicament the fair found themselves in:

"All you complaining about waiting so long: A, what else were you going to do? B, did anyone twist your arm to stay? Do you really think they wanted to cancel? Seriously!! Sounding like a bunch of ‘privileged spoiled people’". - Tammy Utke

"Oh good grief. The people that make these decisions are damned if they do and damned if they dont. Life happens. People do the best they can." - Layne Morrison Conway

And what's written above is truly the predicament that the State Fair found themselves in. During the 7:00 PM hour, it certainly seemed like the weather might cooperate enough to get the show in.  Yet, an hour later, if one looked at the forecast or the radar, it seemed less possible.

I think the State Fair waited a little too long to call the show. It's admirable they wanted to get the show in but when more rain and storms moved through around 8:00 PM I would have called the concert.

There comes a point, especially on a weeknight when people have to work the next day, and disappointing as it might be, it might just be better to let people decide what they'd like to do for the evening besides sitting in a soggy grandstand watching them mop the stage.

Ticket holders can go to the Missouri State Fair website for more information on how to obtain a ticket refund for the Trace Adkins concert.

Earlier in the day, the Missouri State Fair announced Missouri native Roman Alexander will open for Russell Dickerson tonight as Cassadee Pope had to pull out of her appearance due to an illness. Ticket holders wishing to get a refund for this show can find more information on the Missouri State Fair website.

Ticket refund requests for both shows must be made in 30 days.

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