The couple that plays together, stays together! Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill have maintained distinct and separate artistic identities through their career, but have also performed together as part of their many Soul2Soul tours.

Since McGraw has lived it, he's the perfect person to offer advice on living and working together to that other A-list country couple, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, when they eventually hit the road as part of a tour.

Lambert has suggested that she and her hubby will tour together sometime in the future, but they won't embark on a trek until the time is right. When asked what advice he would give the couple should that happen, McGraw hedges for a second. "Oh gosh. I don’t know how I would give them any advice," he admits. "I mean, God, they’re great. They’re both individual artists."

"It’s just never lose sight of your individuality as an artist," he continues, thinking of something fitting. "Because I think that that’s the driving force of what as artists makes us smart, is to not lose sight of that."

So as long as Blake and Miranda continue to do what they do best -- and perhaps duet together every night, since that's what fans always want to see -- they can happily tour together.