Scotty McCreery and his tourmates are definitely prepared in case they encounter troublemakers. The singer posted a photo to Twitter showing guns of every size and style, laid out in front of his tour bus.

After a home invasion earlier this month, McCreery is letting everyone know he's prepared. Luckily, one of the people responsible for the home invasion was arrested but not before they could walk away with electronics and cash -- including an iPhone and a laptop.  His joking tweet showed everyone's guns laid out in front of fold-up chairs and his red bus.

McCreery then followed up with another tweet that put the mass amounts of armory into context. "For a little background, this isnt a normal day on the road," he wrote on Twitter. "Me and the band are shooting targets today, so everyone brought their stuff out."

It seems fans and McCreery's followers think the gun joke was pretty fun -- he's keeping his sense of humor following a pretty scary situation. The tweet with the photo was favorited over 3,200 times and retweeted almost 1,000. The 'See You Tonight' singer is currently on tour and will be keeping himself busy on the road through early October.

Update: Scotty McCreery posted this video of him taking target practice on Instagram Friday night.