I don't know why I do this to myself.  Here it is, hours away from dinner, and what am I doing?  Watching food videos. 

It started with me looking for something to write about.  It's a daily struggle, unless you want to read about the same things every day.  So I found the YouTube channel for Missouri's Electric Cooperatives.   And, well, it's pretty much nothing but restaurant features for the past year or so.  Yeah, sometimes they'll cover other topics, but for the most part they highlight rural Missouri restaurants.

They even visited Kehde's once.

Video after video.  Steaks, sandwiches, jerk chicken, salads, beer, barbecue, tacos, pizza, biscuits, chili, cake, pot pies, ice cream... it just doesn't end.

I get it.  Food is good.  We all like watching cooking videos.  BUT.

The online source for Rural Missouri Magazine's multimedia content and Online Extras featured in the print publication. Rural Missouri was started in 1948 as the statewide publication of the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives. Each month, Rural Missouri brings entertaining features and informative articles to more than 500,000 members of Missouri's electric co-ops. Our pages are filled with fascinating people and businesses as well as interesting places to visit. We'll share our state's vast history and provide glimpses into the future.

So yeah, your mission is show us interesting stuff.  And the food is interesting.  But I'm wondering if there isn't an ulterior motive.  Put on your tin foil hats, guys.  Sure, the Missouri Electric Cooperatives are here to "provide power" and "keep us safe" and all that.  I think they're also here to make us HUNGRY.  I mean, why else would they have a series of videos that are all about a minute and a half long about food that is not immediately in front of me? It's obviously a conspiracy of the man.  Maybe... wait.  Maybe they want us to keep going to these restaurants so the restaurants will use electricity?!

Wait. That's every restaurant.  Oh well, I was almost a conspiracy theorist for a minute.

Anyways, enjoy the food videos.

Foodingly yours,


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