I thought I would do some investigating and find out those facts & figures and see if there is any other information that you probably didn't know..

I checked with Fed Ex on the number of packages delivered daily. According to statistics from statista.com, last year the number was 5.99 million. Almost six million packages delivered each and every day, and that's just with one company. Actually Fed Ex had less packages delivered daily last year than the year before. (6.2 million in 2019) I would've have thought with the pandemic and online shopping, those numbers would have been higher in 2020.

Now get this...annually, Fed Ex had 2.54 billion ground packages in 2020.

According to UPS, in 2019 global delivery volume was at 5.5 billion packages and documents. Other information showed that drivers deliver an average 120 packages a day.

Here's a figure I wouldn't have imagined. According to figures from pressroom.ups.com, daily flights domestically are at 1,154. That's a lot of aircraft flying back and forth through the friendly skies of the U.S.

Checking some of the figures from the United State Postal Service, facts.usps.com, I found that the Postal Service processes and delivers 181.9 million pieces of First-Class Mail daily. According to the USPS website:

On average, the Postal Service processes 19.7 million mailpieces each hour, 327,838 each minute and 5,464 each second.

So the next time you get that piece of mail or a box delivered to your home or business, realize that your delivery is one of millions being delivered across the United States and around the world.

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