Before I begin, just know that I haven't encountered this before. 

The radio station has been here for decades now, I don't exactly remember when, but it's been here for a hot minute.  I started here in 2004, and you wouldn't expect a lot of unusual goings on if you saw the place.  It looks like a normal office space, really.

But.  Stuff.  Happens.  Sometimes.

I used to work nights, and there were, on more than one occasion, strange sounds around the building.  It's not huge, and it's a pretty simple circle layout.  Sometimes I'd think it was somebody behind the building by the Katy Trail.  But when you check it out, nothing.

I've seen snakes, mice (and smelled dead ones), bugs, birds, rabbits, cats, dogs, all sorts of stuff running around outside and inside the building.  But I can't explain what this is.

I've never heard that before.  What could it be? It doesn't seem like a mouse or something, it's a little aggressive for that, isn't it?  It isn't the fridge, it's literally coming from the ceiling.  And it only did it in the very early morning, we're talking like, quarter to five a.m. As everybody started filing in for the day... nothing.

What on earth is in there?  Is it a creature? Is it the infamous Cheese Ghost? Why was it making those noises in the ceiling?

Investigatingly yours,