Don't ask why I was on Petfinder. Just don't.But I was, and I was just casually browsing, you know, and then I was hit in the face with the absolute cuteness that is Chippy.

He's what they call a Chipmunk Pig. So since he's not a Pot Belly or Vietnamese pig, he won't get near as big as they do.  The listing says he should mature to about 25 pounds as long as you don't overfeed him.  He's sooooo cute that I'm half tempted to drive all the way to Eldon just to cuddle with him for a minute.  He apparently is not only house trained, but he's good with kids and dogs!

I watch enough Vet shows though, to know that I probably shouldn't do anything other than look at him.  I mean, I've got enough problems with cats as it is, I don't want another little bundle running around the place that's actually smarter than them.

Anyways, if you want to adopt him, you can contact the owner on Petfinder. Just be aware that you're in for more than you would for the average pet. Well, that's according to The Vet Life, Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet, Dr K's Exotic Animal ER, The Incredible Dr Pol, or Dr Oakley Yukon Vet.  I think I've mentioned I have a problem with Vet shows.

Chipmunkingly yours,


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