I'm sure your house had their fair share of strange ones, too. 

Well, looking back on my childhood, we had some rules that I'm sure were completely normal to us, but would be seen as a little strange to someone else. And some of them were probably normal, like: eat everything on your plate, chores done before 5:00 p.m., no boys in the house, simple stuff.

One rule we had was about the telephone.  My sister was a popular kid, and had a lot of friends, so there were restrictions put on the phone after a few months of near constant phone usage. And mind you, this was a phone that you plug into the wall, not a cell phone or even a cordless phone.  It was rotary. 

So anyway, my Mom had had enough of this malarkey, so she put restrictions on the phone usage: nothing after 9:30 p.m., nothing over an hour, and oh, by the way I'm changing the number and not telling you what it is. This was devastating for my sister, because that meant it was going to cut down on a lot of her social life.  For me, it wasn't as bad, but I was in Fifth grade, so it did create a problem.

On the first day of school in Fifth grade, the teacher started getting our information about us.  She got to me, and got my basic information like addresses, names of parents, contacts, etc.  Then she asked me for my phone number.  I told her I didn't know it, and oh boy.  You'd have thought I was a comedian the way some of the kids laughed at me.  "You don't know your phone number?! You're such a baby!"  So I just shut up and sat down.  Luckily I was able to convince Mom to tell me the number,  after I explained why I needed it.

She hadn't changed it at all.  It was the same number.

Another house rule was that your shoes could not be left randomly around the house.  They had to go back where they belonged.  I still have a little bit of a thing about this now, my shoes have a spot, and they go there and nowhere else.  Husbando tests me by putting his shoes all over the house.  Anyway, you had to put your shoes away, or, they would get thrown out into the back yard.  Which wasn't so bad in the summer, but in the winter when the snow was a foot high, that was a problem. I guess we could have been smart and just put on an old pair of shoes or some rain boots, but we weren't that smart.  So I just kept my shoes where they went, and my sister's feet got cold.

What kind of household rules did you have around the house that nobody else did? Do you still have the same kind of rules today?

Rulingly yours,


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