A recent survey asked a bunch of cat owners to list the top ways their cat misbehave.  Here are the ten most common bad cat behaviors.  And if you have a cat, they ALL might be familiar . . .

1.  Clawing the furniture.

2.  Going NUTS all of a sudden, and sprinting around the house for no reason.

3.  Jumping up on stuff they're not supposed to.

4.  Bringing a mouse or a bird into the house.

5.  Being sneaky and trying to eat food off your plate.

6.  Knocking stuff over, like pictures or ornaments at Christmas.

7.  Trying to run out the front door as soon as you open it.

8.  Clawing your clothes.

9.  Sleeping or hiding somewhere odd, so you can't find them and think they're missing.

10.  Going to the bathroom outside their cat box.

So yeah, they do all those things.  Well, no, not the mouse thing, they don't go outside. A few more that just missed the top ten include climbing the curtains . . . ripping into a bag of their food . . . and destroying houseplants. Recently I saw our local terror had managed to tear a hole in our window screen.

What havoc does your pet cause in the house?  Do they have a certain little habit of doing the same damage?

Pettingly yours,


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