I recently mentioned one of my favorite things about living in West Central Missouri is looking up at the night sky. This week, with a new moon, the peak of the Delta Aquariid meteor shower and the Alpha Capricornids meteor shower the sky is sure not to disappoint, that is if the clouds don't get in the way.

I'm not an astronomy buff, nor could I tell you about the various constellations in the sky. Don't get me wrong, I've been to the Adler Planetarium in Chicago and enjoyed every sky show I've seen there, it's just never something I've spent a lot of time learning about. I mainly enjoy just looking up at the stars, the moon, and getting lost in what's up there.

Anyway between the new moon and the two meteor showers happening mother nature might be giving us one terrific show. The Delta Aquariid meteor shower is a little fainter, and if I'm reading the stories from KMBC and CNN correctly, those in the Southern Hemisphere will get a better view. That however doesn't mean no view.

The Alpha Capricornids meteor shower excites me a little more. Mainly because while there are less meteors with this one, they might produce a fireball. I mean that just sounds cool if  you happen to see it.

2AM CDT is the optimal time to check out the the Delta Aquariid meteor shower, however anytime the sky is darkest in the overnight hours will probably give us the best chance to view any meteors. And oh yeah, no clouds. If there's one thing that might mess up the sky show. It's clouds. And unfortunately, after tonight, there doesn't seem to be guaranteed clear night until next Sunday.

I'm going to look up the next few nights and see what I can see. You should do the same.


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