The 3rd Annual Sedalia Firefighters Memorial Ride was this Saturday.  I got to go and spend the morning with the bikers!  All told, it was a great success.  They had over 200 people pre-register, and at least 50 registered that day.

The Boys and Girls Club was there to raise a little money by selling hot dogs, chips and drinks.  They sold out of food!  The Firefighters were there to chat with everyone, as was the Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond, our Mayor, Elaine Horne, and lots of great people, kids and pets.

It was a great time!  If you didn't make it, enjoy the pictures and come join them next year.  All the proceeds go to the Firefighters Memorial in Liberty Park, as well as scholarships for local kids.

You can also join them out at Dukes and Boots tonight at 5 p.m. for the reception.

Rollingly yours,