Everyone is happy to see a visiting loved one.  Families are scattered throughout the country and world for many reasons.  The holidays are a time when we get together with people we don't get to see on a daily, weekly, monthly or sometimes yearly basis.  These are meaningful people in our lives and being together with them during the holidays is a heartwarming idea.  Until that day comes.

Every house has a routine.  Who uses what bathroom, when meals are prepared, who cooks and cleans (most of the time the latter is done by one person) and when people go to bed.  Unless everyone in the house is on vacation, work schedules are kept.  Add in entertaining a house guest and things can get out of sorts very quickly.  Make those people "in-laws" and it doesn't take long before either someone goes for a walk or reaches for the Johnny Walker bottle.

Personally, I've found myself using the lack of space as an excuse to not have out of town company stay at my house.  We have no shortage of hotels in Sedalia.  The Best Western, Comfort Inn, Super 8, and Hotel Bothwell are just a FEW of the accommodations that people can utilize.  Like I've always said, "Family stays family when they stay at a hotel."  Where do your family members stay?

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