Long extinct dinosaurs will be seen roaming at the historic Liberty Center, 111 West 5th Street on Thursday, October 16, 2014.  The Paul Mesner Puppets will perform their original production "The Dinosaur Show" at 7:00 p.m. If there's one thing that little kids of all walks of life can agree on, it's that dinosaurs are awesome.   While The Dinosaur Show is based on scientific theories of how the dinosaurs lived and why they became extinct, Paul Mesner and his puppets explore other whimsical and improbable explanations of their own.  Mesner uses hand, rod, and shadow puppets to bring a theatrical and innovative setting to life.  A variety of dinosaurs will lumber, stomp, fly and swim through this performance.  I got to talk with Terri Ballard, the Executive Director of the Liberty Center Association for Arts, about the show and what it'll bring for the whole family.

Adult tickets are $9 each and children age 12 and under are $7 each.  Children are invited to wear their pajamas to the show.  The Liberty Center will also offer a bedtime snack pack in the concession stand.  Tickets are now on sale for the for the show which will be Thursday, October 16.  To purchase tickets, stop by the Liberty Center at 111 West 5th Street.  Hours are Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Tickets may also be purchased by calling (660) 826-2899 or via e-mail at info@lcaasedalia.com. Also, make sure you check out their newly redesigned website to keep updated on all the upcoming shows and programs from the LCAA - including that Alumni show on Homecoming Weekend.

Dino-ly yours,

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