I'm the one in charge of the money in my household.  So that means I often do the shopping for groceries and whatnot. 

I don't know about you guys, but I'm always got my eye out for sales or discounts or whatever I can save money on.  Not that I'm broke, but why waste money if I don't have to?  That just means more wine money.  Anyway, I don't really coupon or anything, unless it's like, taped to the box.  I guess I should. I have a few friends who do.  I'm just.... so lazy, you guys.  But I do sign up for the discount club thingy, and I go to the cheap stores, for the most part.

And that also means that nine times out of ten, I'm going to choose the generic brand of whatever I'm buying instead of the name brand.  You're not getting Oreos, you're getting chocolate sandwich cookies.  You're not getting Frank's Red Hot, you're getting Louisiana Hot Sauce. You're definitely not getting Kleenex, you're getting Tissue.

I do have a few exceptions.  I will not buy cottage cheese from any other brand than Hiland.  Same thing with French Onion Dip.  Has to be Hiland. Husbando can't have generic salsa for his home made chips, either. It has to be the fresh kind they sell at Wood's... I can't remember the name of it but I know what it looks like.

And sometimes, we prefer the generic to the name brand.  Husbando likes to snack on carrots and hummus.  He can't STAND Sabra hummus.  He wants the generic brand from Aldi. He says Sabra is "too runny".  He didn't even know he liked hummus until this year, he's already got brand loyalty?

Anyway, what's your stance on generic vs brand name stuff?  Are you guys like me, and have a few things you Have to have name brand on?  Are you a person who always buys generic, no matter what it is? Or are you super fancy and always go with the name brand?

Shoppingly yours,

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