Who are the top coaches in west-central Missouri? We asked our listeners. Here are the names they sent in, and comments on what makes these coaches among the best in the area.

Arron Smith - Houstonia Heat girls softball

He is a a great teacher! He helps the girls get better, treats all the girls fairly. Treats all the girls like his own. Makes every practice and games fun!

Anthony Snyder - Sedalia youth wrestling, sedalia youth football, assistant for parks and rec baseball

Where to begin? This man goes above and beyond the duties of coaching. He makes every member of the team feel like family. His words of encouragement touch even the most troubled children. He does all this not for recognition or for something in return, he does this because he has a unconditional passion for what he does! He has changed the lives of many children.

What makes Anthony a great coach is he is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He is there to help the kids learn the sport as well as to be a role model and their friend. He is tough when needed, yet has a way to still connect with the kids on a friend level and maintain their respect at all times. He coaches wrestling, football, and baseball, which all take lots of time away from his own family but never complains or gives lack of effort to the kids. He always tells them they can come to him anytime for anything and they are his family. He brings out the best in the youth he coaches both on and off the mat or field depending on the season he is in. Our kids are truly lucky to have been blessed with a coach like him.

Brent Katzing - Smith Cotton Track High Jumps and Sprints

He spends countless hours with his athletics. His results are awesome in the last few years as a coach. He has coached so may state qualifiers. He is one dedicated coach and his motto is "kids first."

CJ Webster - Sedalia Bombers

Although he's super busy with all he does, he has made my son the player he is today! He gives 100% 100% of the time.

Cody Hammond - Marlins Youth Baseball

He gets in there and explains the little details to help the kids learn. He also is a basketball coach. My grandson and family think he is awesome.

David Wehmeyer - Lady Legends

This man has taught many, many kids all different ages for several years. Still currently coaching even though his daughters are grown, giving his time, knowledge and money with travels all for the love of the sport and our youth in this area. He does not get paid a dime and dedicates his life to helping these kids better their future. He is excellent with our kids and I speak for many when I say we are thankful for him.

Dabecka Kirk - La Monte Viking Softball

She will always push you harder than you think you can go. Her quote this year was "if you think you can't do one more, just do one more". She is always looking out for your best interest, but she wont just give it to you. By far my favorite coach ever. She's more than a coach, she's also a friend and mentor...someone I look up to!

Darrin Tobias and Logan Treece - La Monte Vikings Baseball 

These two coaches have put all they have into this team. They have started with a young team and pushed them to grow and work hard. The coaches are extremely proud of their team and are eager to see where the team will go in future years.

James Parker - The Patriots Girls Softball Team

He is great with the girls on his team. He is very patient, he works hard to train them, he encourages them, and he never dwells on their mistakes, nor does he criticize them or yell at them. He is constantly praising the girls. When they make a mistake he just tells them "that's okay, you'll get it next time." He does everything he can to support his team when traveling for games. I love to watch him coach his team!

Megan Tichnor - Northwest Jr. High Girls Basketball

She is more than a coach. She is a mom to her players as well as a coach. Megan makes sure every single player gets plenty of time on the court. All the players are family and focus on team work, building character, practices to improve and best of all, praises the girls for giving 110% each and every time. Many of the girls request for Megan to continue being the Jr High Girls Coach. Megan Tichnor is also the Physical Education teacher at both Northwest Elementary and Northwest High School. She was also the track coach for our Cross Country team too.

Paul Beard - Soccer / Futsal

One of the most positive "we can" folks I have ever met. Never a foul word or even a bad thought. I have reffed a lot of his games; if you don't come away feeling good, you were asleep. Everything is spun in a positive light. Great role model. Just call his phone sometime if you're having a bad day, will get better even if you just get his answering machine.

Tim Carter - Green Ridge Jr. High Boys Basketball

Tim is a great example of what a coach should be. He cares for the boys and does not care if they win or lose. All he cares about is the boys doing their best and trying. He wants the boys to understand the sport and the value of sportsmanship. Good job, Tim.

Travis Cairer - Sedalia United Soccer Association

Travis spends countless hours working with children of all ages in teaching not only the game of soccer, but how to be team players, and respectful of themselves, team mates, their parents and others.

Very great with the kids teaching them so much each practice session and dedicating all of his time to this academy asking for nothing in return. Always a wonderful attitude and constant new drills. Hardly ever do we do the same drill twice, so always keeping the kids attention! His mind is constantly thinking on how we can better these kids, not just on the field but off as well. His wife and him have put together an amazing program for the soccer of Sedalia and it is definitely not easy to keep such a good thing going. We are lucky to have them for our kids!

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