We are a cat household. Pretty much always have been.

When I was a kid, we had two cats, and they would be partially indoor/outdoor cats.  Like they'd go out for a bit in the afternoon, then Mom would whistle on the porch to bring them back home.

Now for me, I've moved into the "indoor only" camp when it comes to my cat.  Primarily it's because it helps to prevent fleas and crazy vet bills if there are fights in the neighborhood, etc.  My kitty is an indoor kitty partially because of that but also because once when I first got her, she got out and got stuck in a small tree.  Now since then, she's gotten out  maybe twice through a small transom window.  She always comes home, though, usually after an hour or so.  She'll latch herself to the living room window to let me know she's back and would like to be let back in, please.

My Dad's cat is the same way.  Well, she's mostly an indoor cat, but she goes out sometimes in the nice weather.

attachment-pickles 3

Meet Pickles.  The cat that managed to almost break my poor little heart for a whole WEEK.  So since it was nice weather around the Fourth of July, Dad decided to let Pickles out for a bit.

She didn't come back.   Pickles used to be my cat (long story) so of course I was immediately worried.  I posted on social media to my page and others shared it in lost and found groups.  I walked around our area with a bag of treats, calling her name. I made sure to check every day by driving around the block, seeing if she'd poke her head out.  I called the Animal Shelter and checked with them, leaving a number and a description if someone turned her in.  I even made flyers, I was thisclose to walking around the neighborhood and knocking on doors to ask if anyone had seen her.

Nothing.  For almost a whole week.  Then one morning, my Dad was outside to watch for the International Space Station (it's a hobby of his), when he heard a "Meow".  Guess who it was.  Really, I'll give you a minute.  Guess.  Yep, it was Pickles.  I guess what happened is that she got a little spooked by neighborhood fireworks and ran under my neighbor's porch, and then couldn't get out.

So why didn't she holler for me when I was shaking a bag of treats and calling her name? No idea.  I guess she didn't want to come out yet.  Anyway, she's out now, back with Dad and basically being spoiled rotten.  Guess she's on house arrest for a while.

Have you ever had a pet get lost?  What happened?

Findingly yours,

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