Here we go again, another day, another Bangtan blog.  If you're tired of these don't worry, there's only one more day. 

Here's something you may not know about my lovely Koreans.  They work really hard on their dance segments.  They don't do as many in concert lately, but they do them often for music videos, and they put in a lot of rehearsal.  When they're working up a new number, they can easily spend twelve to fourteen hours a day rehearsing.  So let's break that down.  Let's say they go for forty five minutes and take fifteen minute breaks.  Let's say the song is four minutes long.  That means that they're doing the same dance routine about 157 times in a day.  That is crazy.

They also film dance practices, partially to critique themselves, and partially so the fans can study and learn the dances if they want to.  So here are my seven favorite dance practices, enjoy.

7. War of Hormone.

They haven't done it in a while, but for a few years there they would always do a special Halloween dance practice in costume.  I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to give Yoongi a knife, though.

6.  Fake Love.

In some of these dance videos, it really helps you to see what's going on in the actual music video.  For example, I didn't notice Jimin's twirl in the middle formation til I saw this.

5.  Go Go.

More costumes!  In the beginning of the clip, they're playing rock paper scissors to determine who will get the punishment costume of Snow White, which will come with a beating.  Like you do.  It's a cute song and a cute little routine.  I also enjoy how RM's legs are noticeably longer than everyone else's, so his pants don't fit right.

4.  It's Tricky.

They did a dance performance for television once to Run DMC's "It's Tricky".  It starts with V and then some of the others join in.  This isn't an "official" dance practice but it's fun!

3.  21st Century Girls.

This is the last one with costumes.  In particular I enjoy Jungkook's bunny outfit, since his fans often call him a bunny for the way he smiles.

2.  Blood Sweat and Tears.

This one looks particularly demanding,and you can definitely hear them breathing hard at the end.  There's something very satisfying about the thud in unison after the jumping.

1.  Baepsae.

At the beginning of this clip, they're again arguing over who is going to get the punishment.  As always, they're determining that by playing rock paper scissors.  The punishment in this video is having to do a solo dance break.  J-Hope, the member they consider to be the best dancer, normally does it.  In this case, Suga had to do it, so he just tried to be as funny as possible.  In fact, they really don't take this one that serious at all.  Which is just fine by me.

So there you have it, more fun and dancing. Who doesn't enjoy that, I tell ya!

Bangtaningly yours,


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