I've been waiting for a card from my mother for weeks now. Maybe it was in the dumpster a man found in Ferguson, outside of St. Louis on Monday Night.

The story, which KCTV 5 reported, talked about a man who found between 800 and 1000 pieces of mail in a dumpster behind a coffee shop he's renovating. The police sent him to the postal inspectors, who told him to just put it in an outgoing mail box so it would finally be delivered. Until he made a stink about it.

Really, postal inspectors didn't think it was thing? Until he thought it was a thing? And what the heck has happened to the U.S. Postal Service? You'd think the post office would want to know there was a bunch of mail in the garbage. You'd think they'd want to find out how it got there and hold the person or people who put it there accountable for it.

Of course, maybe this kind of attitude among post office employees and supervisors is why a St. Patrick's Day card from my aunt showed up a month after St. Patrick's Day. Maybe this is why I can't stick a piece of mail in my mail box that says "not at this address" and have the postal person take it. Maybe this is why I've been waiting forever for a card from my Mom.

I'm painting with a broad brush here, and I don't want to besmirch any hard working postal worker. I know it's a hard job. A tough job. A demanding job. And many do it well.

In fact, until I moved to Warrensburg I didn't think that much about the mail. I sent mail out. I got mail in. And occasionally, if I was waiting for something important, it seemed like it took a little longer than usual. Yet that might have been my anticipation and excitement about what I was waiting for.

Yet since our arrival in Missouri. The mail service has gotten bad. Slow. Unreliable. And I'm just waiting for something from Amazon. Or a card from my Mom. What about people who depend on the mail to get their social security checks? Or important documents? Or who rely on the mail for their business?

I get it. We live in small town America. It may take a day or two longer to get the mail compared to if I lived in the city. But when postal inspectors don't seem to care about 800 -1000 letters in a dumpster, it makes me wonder what else the post office doesn't care about. And if that's the real reason why my mail service and your mail service stinks.

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