The National Treasure known as Betty White would have been 100 years old on Jan 17th.  As many of us know, Betty was a huge animal lover and was an advocate in many ways to help animals in need.

There was going to be a television special that she was to be a part of.  That will still air tonight. Unfortunately for us, Betty passed away just before the new year, and it has been determined she has a stroke several days before her passing.

Today is a day where you can do something small, that will help out animal shelters, and many pets in need.  Trust me, every penny counts.  Shelters always need money for pet food, medical treatment for the animals, etc.  And your donation can go a long way.

attachment-Betty White Challenge

Pick your local shelter.  Wherever you live.  Or an animal rescue. Donate $5 in Betty White's name.  This is a movement that Betty deserves.

Most of the animals that my family has acquired over the years, have all been rescues.  We either got them from a shelter, a re-home from a family member or friend, or from a rescue.  My mother recently recused Toby from a shelter. You can see him below.

attachment-Toby dog

As someone who has been around animals for most of my life, I have found that adoption is always the way to go.  For starters, they are not as expensive and you can have special requirements that shelter pets can provide.  My mother needed a older dog, who was good with cats, other dogs, can handle long car rides, and is friendly around strangers.  She hit a home run with Toby.  I went home for Christmas, and he was just great.  He was trained, knew how to sit, and was great with my cat.

You can click HERE to donate to the Animal League of America.  Or check out the local shelters in whatever town you reside.  Sedalia Animal Shelter? Click HERE to donate.  Live in Warrensburg? Click HERE for the Old Drum Animal Shelter.   $5 in the name of Betty White.  Take the #BettyWhiteChallenge today.  You will be doing a lot of good, and remembering a woman who gave us so much.

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