You guys, I'm not a fan of the heat.  I'm just not. I don't like sweating, I don't like having to wear less clothes.  Give me a nice spring or chill fall season every time for the win.

Well, now I have another reason to dislike this dreaded summer heck, and it's because summer can actually mess with your health!  I read all about on a few articles over at  So how does it affect you? Here goes, I'll try to explain it simple so I understand it.  I'm no doctor, you know.

1.  Your heart works harder than normal.  Higher temps make your heart beat faster.  Basically, it's working harder because it's pumping warm blood from your body's core out to the skin's surface, which helps cool you down.

2.  Your allergies act up.  I still kinda deal with it, even though I wear a mask. It gets in my eyes, you know.  Flowers, plants, and grasses that produce pollen bloom in the summer.. and even people with mild allergies can end up sniffling, sneezing, and feeling like crap because of it.

3.  You toss and turn all night. As the temperatures goes up, our sleep quality tends to go down.  Most people sleep best when it's 65 to 66 degrees and summer weather makes it more difficult to find that happy medium.

4.  You'll get lots of mosquito bites. I know this all too well.  Summer is prime time for mosquitoes.  They grow faster when the sun is out, and we tend to be outside more in the summer, which makes us a perfect target.

Do you like the summer, or do you prefer colder temperatures? Do you have any tips or trucks to deal with the excessive heat?

Summerly yours,


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