Thanksgiving is coming. 

Food banks need more donations around the holidays, and anything you can donate is appreciated.  But here are the ten things they need most.

1.  Holiday foods.  Like Stove Top stuffing, cranberry sauce, and canned yams.

2.  Canned vegetables.  The low-sodium kind are best.

3.  Mixed nuts.  They're kind of expensive, so not many people donate them.

4.  Pasta.  The whole grain kind is best.

5.  Rice and beans.  And things like couscous and quinoa are good too.

6.  Juice boxes.  They like to have them around for kids, especially the kind that are 100% juice.

7.  Canned tuna, canned chicken, and canned salmon.

8.  Cereal and oatmeal.  So they can make something quick for breakfast.

9.  Canned soup.  Things like Dinty Moore beef stew are also good.

10.  Cooking oil.  Especially olive oil and canola oil.

So maybe grab a couple of extra cans of stuff at the store, or clear out the pantry of stuff and swing it by to your charity of choice.

Do you donate to food drives?  Do you know of any that are coming up that we should be telling people about?

Bankingly yours,


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