Every now and then, we come across some strange laws that are on the books in various states including our own.  Sometimes the laws are just outdated, it may have had a purpose at one time, or it is just ridiculous.

So I thought it might be fun to see what is still on the books in Missouri, and the craziest in other states.  We will start with the Show Me State:

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1.  In the town of Moberly, it is illegal to race a stage coach down Rollins Street.  Don't think this will be a problem.

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2.  All single men (that would be me) between the ages of 21 and 50 must pay an annual tax of $1.  Not sure why.  Ladies, looks like you are in the clear.

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3.  No outdoor "rock and roll" concerts in St. Charles county.  As you all know the State Fair is in Sedalia (Pettis County) so, we are good.

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4.  In Kansas City, the installation of a bathtub with 4 legs resembling pet paws is not allowed.  Oh well, showers it is.

Now for some strange ones in other states:

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It is illegal to send a surprise pizza delivery to someone's house in Louisiana, or anything else that isn't a gift that they're expected to pay for. It is considered harassment.

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It is illegal to sell, dispose of, give away, or use Stink Bombs in Alabama.

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No billboards are allowed in Hawaii, Alaska, Maine and Vermont.  It's an attempt to preserve scenic beauty.

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It's illegal to do any fortune telling in Baltimore, Maryland.

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And finally, it is illegal to run out of gas in Youngstown, Ohio.  Is isn't a felony, but you could get a misdemeanor ticket.   Good to know.

Just thought I would share, so if you are going to do any traveling, you are informed.

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