Fall has arrived and so has the time for harvesting crops. Farming plays a vital role in Missouri’s economy, history, and identity. Heavier farm machinery traffic, especially on rural highways, will be ongoing for the next few weeks.

According to a news release from the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP), 174 Missouri traffic crashes involving farm equipment took place in 2017. In those crashes, five people were killed and 50 were injured.

The MSHP reminds us that collisions commonly occur when a motorist tries to pass a left-turning farm vehicle. A tractor that appears to be pulling to the right side of the road to let motorists pass, instead may be preparing to make a wide left turn. Watch the farmer’s hand and light signals closely.

A friendly reminder for all-obey all traffic laws and remain vigilant. Most importantly, everyone is encouraged to share the road. Farmers and motorists alike should be safe, courteous drivers.

Remember...the only 100 percent survivable traffic crash is the one that never happens.

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