First off, let me say that when I wrote the title for this story I had to google to make sure I was using the correct plural of "leaf". According to the site

The plural of leaf is leaves.

Now that we have that out of the way, my question still stands, "Should I Have to Rake All These Leaves?" Here's my story.

On Sunday at around noon, I begrudgingly pulled myself away from the Kansas City Chiefs-Carolina Panther's game to go help my wife mulch leaves in our yard. Now if you're a guy and under the age of, oh let's say 35 years old, you're probably wondering what's wrong with me. Not taking my stand and staying inside to watch the ever-so-important Chiefs game. If you're older than 35, by now you know the first rule of marriage, if momma ain't happy...nobody's happy!

So continuing with the mulching of the leaves. We were out for about two hours or so trying to do our best to take care of the fallen prey. (By the way I was able to get in to watch the end of the 3rd quarter and the rest of the 4th, so all was not lost!)

The yard looked good until... I say until because the neighbor has a huge sycamore tree and it's leaves are still falling and guess whose yard was in a direct line of their demise? That's right, our yard. We're north of the tree and with all the warm temperatures we've been having, the wind has been from the south so our yard is the direct flight path for them to land.

So since probably 90% of the leaves back in our yard are the neighbors, should I be responsible for taking care of them?

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