I demand a recount. Surely this cannot be correct. A shocking study claims that Missouri poops less than any other state in the great nation of America. Say it ain't so.

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This rabbit trail of defecation began as a fun conversation on the Missouri sub-Reddit. Since I take most Reddit posts with a healthy grain of salt, I began my own investigation and found the graphic referred to on Imgur which led me to the source of this poop controversy.

All-American Waste Services were the original place where poop in America was ranked (and thank goodness for this great and necessary service they have provided us in doing so).

Here's the awful truth about Missouri's digestive system issues. It's true. Missouri (allegedly) poops less than any state in America.

Infographic, AAWSI
Infographic, AAWSI

Here's my theory about why this isn't even close to true

Whenever you see something like this, ask yourself how they know. Here's the methodology shared on the AAWSI site:

The AAWSI team surveyed 1,277 people from around the United States, asking them two questions: “How often do you poop?” and “In which state do you live?”

That's not exactly a scientific measurement to ask just over 1,200 people and then make sweeping assumptions about people's poop practices. This is just me talking, but I'd hazard a guess that if me or any other Missourian answered the phone and got asked about poop, we'd hang up (after we laughed a lot). There's your answer for why Missouri allegedly poops the least. We sure do it proudly, but just don't brag about it. 

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