We were in a meeting and talking about all things Christmas when the topic of trees came up.  I mentioned that I am actually putting a tree up this year.  Behka mentioned that she didn't have one.  I remembered that she lived in the Mark Twain Apartments and thought she may have lost hers in the fire, so I offered her a small fiber optic tree that someone gave me last year.  She refused it saying she didn't want a tree.  I was aghast! I had no idea she was a "Scrooge".

There's just something about having a Christmas tree during the holidays that brings a warm feeling.  It may be the memories of Christmas' past, being a kid and ripping packages open with my brother and sister until we weren't sure where the presents were under all the wrapping paper and all the candy, nuts and fruit that filled our stockings.  It may just be the that the Christmas tree symbolizes all that is good with the world.  Peace on earth and general good will towards our fellow man.  Either way, it is a great decoration to have up during this season.

Do you or does anyone you know refuse to put up a Christmas tree?  Comment below and share!

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