You remember Kaizler, right? 

He's a little boy that was born here in Sedalia and is fighting a form of Leukemia. He's five years old, and while for the most part he's doing better, he still needs support. This week, he's been cooped up in isolation with a form of Streptococcus Pneumonia and Rhinovirus.  So you can imagine how much fun THAT isn't.

It wouldn't be fun for anybody! But it has to be extra stressful for a little kid who is still fighting cancer. And, it's hard on his parents, and all the brothers and sisters.

But, hey - you can send him a little something.  It's free, it's quick, and it's easy. He's at Vanderbilt hospital in Tennessee right now, and they do E-Cards. So take two seconds and fill out one for him here. You don't need to leave an email address or anything, just enter in his name, Kaizler Wood,  and his room number, which is 6742. You can choose from any number of pictures to send him and personalize a message. He'll be cooped up in the room til Sunday, so let's put a smile on his little face! Send him a free E-Card and tell your friends to do it, too.

Cardingly yours,


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