Cheese. Noodles. Meat. What can go wrong?! I like lasagna. You like lasagna. It's tasty. It's one of the pure things of this world. My  mother used to make it when I was a kid. I haven't made one, but I HAVE made lasagna Hamburger Helper, so that is the exact same thing. Right?

Husbando has a huge love of all things Italian food, and likes it when I make him anything with noodles and cheese. But you can't just have lasagna, right? I mean, you've gotta have stuff to go with it. Well, you could have just that but it might be a little sad. That's not really a meal, you know?

Fresh toasted bread
Nikita Uvarovski

YES INDEED. You gotta have that garlic bread so you can get all the sauce!

Well, wait. That's probably a lot of carbs. Maybe we should put a vegetable in there.

Jacob Wackerhausen

Oh, okay. There you go. Salad. It's good for you, right? And look how happy that Stock Image Lady is. She's all, "This undressed salad is the best!"

All this food is making me think about what to have to drink with it*.


Yes. Lemonade. Delicious. Summery.

What about dessert? You know I didn't get this fluffy without chocolate.

Chocolate brownies

What could be better? Oh, right - eating all this food and knowing you're helping a local Sedalia family fighting Leukemia!

Prayers for Kaizler
Prayers for Kaizler

Look at those faces and tell me you're gonna say no. I DIDN'T THINK SO. So now you have your dinner plans sorted for Saturday night for not just you, but all your friends and family and all their friends and family and kids and neighbors and aquaintances! Come to the Prayers for Kaizler benefit at the Salvation Army Hall, 1200 East Broadway, from 6-10. It's a freewill donation, so just give what you can. And, along with all this deliciousness, you can also bid on a lot of great stuff in their silent auction. You don't want to miss out on this one, people. We're helping a great family get an amazing kid through something we hope none of ours ever have to face. Every little bit helps, just like that old analogy of the water drops in the bucket. Now, if you absolutely CAN'T make it Saturday night, why not drop a few dollars in their Go Fund Me page.

We can do this, Sedalia! Be there or be square!!

Parmesean cheesily yours,






*Please imagine I made a really good joke there referencing the "THESE PRETZELS ARE MAKING ME THIRSTY" bit from Seinfeld. Thanks.

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