Kids, we all know how tough it can be to get through these cold, winter storms.  When the snow is this high, everybody has it rough.  Whether it's getting out the door or out of your yard, it certainly takes work. 

This morning, I was definitely snowed in.  The snow was pretty much stacked all around and on top of my car, and the street was nowhere close to plowed.  I lost all of my stuff in the fire last year, and one of the things I just forgot to get around getting again was a shovel.  So I didn't know what to do.  I guessed I'd call my Father.  But, then a couple of hours later I looked out the window - and my entire walk, driveway and even porch area was already shoveled.  My neighbor, Cory, had done it just because.  He knew he would have to do his driveway, and he thought he'd do mine just because it needed to be done.

As I drove out, and looked at the roads here and there, I saw some people stuck.  There was another car right behind them with a shovel, helping to dig them out.  It got me to thinking: this happens a lot here in Sedalia.

So I thought, why not accentuate the positive? Why not tell us your story about how you helped or how someone helped you through these two storms?  Whether it's something small like checking on your neighbor, or something bigger like giving someone a ride to work or helping them out of getting stuck, tell us about it here.

Snowily Yours,

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