Sedalia Parks & Recreation posted a plea on their Facebook page asking that people stay out of the Skate Park while parks & recreation makes necessary repairs and improvements to the facility.

Sedalia Parks & Recreation says people are using the park despite a fence designed to keep people out, and orange signs stating that park is closed. Additionally, parks and recreation explained in their post that they are having to re-do repairs they have already done because people are ignoring the rules.

It's amazing to me that people just tend to ignore things like a fence. It's a chain link fence too. Not some plastic construction fence. And the improvements are for the very people who are going in there and messing things up. It's a shame.

It is also taking budget money that has been earmarked for new lighting and expansion of the Skate Park. And I would also imagine having to fix things again because of rule breakers just lengthens the time the park will be closed.

So in order to be cool, or rebellious, or just because. Some folks are willing to hop the fence and skate and put at risk improvements that are being created to make a better Skate Park.

Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. But I'm more in the "get off my lawn" crowd these days, than the Doc Marten wearing, Camel smoking, rules don't apply to me phase of my life. So maybe I just don't remember the arrogance of youth and the thrill of rebellion.

Anyway. If you're a skater or a biker stay out of the Skate Park. Let them finish the repairs and improvements. If you're a parent of a skater, or someone that happens to teach the skaters that hang out there. Pass along the message.

Sedalia Parks & Recreation says if the weather cooperates the park should be open for skating and biking by spring break.

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