"Everything Must Go!" reads the sign that sits in front of Blockbuster on South Limit. With the popularity of Redbox and Netflix, Blockbuster has been closing down stores at an extremely high rate. While some are upset about the closing of Blockbuster, others are excited about the possibility of something new here in Sedalia.

In the past year, you have told us some of the unique foods you want to see come to Sedalia. If we go way back in the blog machine, we asked what restaurants you wanted to see come to Sedalia. Blockbuster sits on South Limit, which is prime real estate for any business. I think it would be useful to have another entertainment store move into the location. Doug and I kicked around a few ideas of our own, we are both in agreement that a Hastings like the one in Warrensburg would be great for this town.

Sedalia has been growing quickly over the past decade, and the city has started some new building projects with new businesses coming to town. When one business closes its doors, it is a new opportunity for someone else.

The last official day of business for Blockbuster will be Oct. 25. I want to know what you, the people of Sedalia, want to see move into the location.