I have become a bit of a food connoisseur since I came back to Missouri, and I am often willing to travel a distance to enjoy good views and good food.  Recently I have reminded about this restaurant and I think it is worth checking out for the views alone.

I had a lady friend a number of years ago take me here for a belated dinner.  Great steaks and food in general.  And the views...well check this out: JB Hooks!

As the weather gets nicer, this place will allow for outdoor dining as well as indoor.  So a win-win there.  Just make sure you get some sunblock.  Check out this interior:

This place has a pretty impressive menu and you can check it our HERE.  I believe I ordered a filet when I was there and it was tender and just delicious.  If you like your proteins, whether it is steak, seafood, chicken or whatever, then this place will check the boxes.  It is higher in price than your normal restaurant, but it is worth it.

I love a good steak, and if I ever was to try lobster, tell me this doesn't look delicious.

There are pasta's and other options available on the menu, and being so close to the Lake, I can only imagine how tasty the seafood portions of this menu would be.

I have a vacation coming up, and with warmer weather finally coming our way I think a road trip and a few days at the Lake of The Ozarks could be a fun time, with amazing food.  Have you been to this place? What was your experience like?

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