This has been a topic for debate for quite awhile but more recently it has gained some steam.

With the change of the name and rebranding of the Washington Redskins to the Washington Football Team and the Cleveland Indians plan to change their name, what do you think of a name change for the Kansas City Chiefs?

Many don't know the story behind the name of the Kansas City Chiefs. If you're a Boy Scout or have been involved in the Scouts through the years you'll recognize this name, H. Roe Bartle.

Although the image that is used by the Chiefs is a arrowhead the name came from Bartle. He was mayor at the time that Lamar Hunt brought the team to Kansas City. Bartle's nickname was "Chief"

Some comments we had on the KIX 105.7 FB page concerning the possible name change included the following:

Teresa A. C. - Wouldn't a better way of these issues, is to directly go to the Indian Nation Councils and find out their thoughts & opinions. Would they consider team names/logos a disgrace or an honor of acknowledgement?! Go to the sources and find out what they prefer. Let them agree or disagree on names/logos. Just an idea....

Randy T. added a comment to the above comment - I'm glad you posted this, for this is exactly what Clark Hunt and the Chiefs front office did. The Ceremonial drum that they bang to get the crowd going was even blessed by the local Native American Council. In return they have asked the Chiefs to not allow headdresses into the stadium as they found them to be disrespectful. So now they are not allowed. It's amazing what can be done when two sides come together and communicate.

Tammy M. D. - Champions

And for some reason Donna T. had this to say about a new name for the Chiefs - Chumps. Not really sure why she came up with this new name. We all view it differently, for sure.

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