We had a situation in the family where my wife and I had to go out to Phoenix to help take care of my step-daughter. Normally she's on her own as a teacher but she had an accident at the school where she teaches and we needed to be there to help her during the pre-surgery and post-surgery.

As we went out I was able to work from the home and record my morning radio show and insert it into our software at the station via the internet. So for a little over a week I had my morning show pre-recorded. Overall, it worked fine but I needed to get back to Sedalia so I could settle back into the studio.

I flew back on my own after my first stay and took on the bachelor duties for approximately a week and a half. It's not like I don't know how to cook and clean but when you have a spouse, you sometimes forget all the things that they take care of day in and day out. I managed through that period of being on my own just fine. (Thank goodness for pizza and fast food!)

So I went back out to Phoenix for another period of time to help my wife with our daughter. I was fortunate that I was in the warm Arizona weather during the cold spell back in Missouri. I came back last Wednesday returning to the bachelor status for another three plus weeks.

Once again, thanks to fast food and pizza. But I do have to say that I'm keeping up on the cleaning, washing, and whatever is expected of me with my wife's to-do list. (I'm not sure how that happens...she's not here but she can still find things for me to do!)

All in all I have to say the bachelor life isn't for me.  Yeah, it's nice to have full access to the remote and to be able to basically eat anything I want, but I would trade it in a heartbeat to have her back home.

I'm counting the days till you return, sweetie!

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