Hey Pet Owners! Can we talk for a minute?  We treat our pets like family.  But do you ever feel guilty if your pet doesn't get their way?  If you do, you are certainly not alone.  Guilty as charged.

I recently had to stay out of town for a night, so my Apollo was left home alone for a night.  Now he is pretty self-sufficient as most cats are, as long as they have enough food and water.  But I still do not like to leave him behind, if I can avoid it.

So people were asked what they feel guilty about when it comes to their pets.  Be it dogs, or cats, or other house pets.  I found the findings pretty accurate.

59% felt that they didn't spend as much time with their pet as they would have liked.

58% felt they spent too much/too little amount of money on their pets.

58% feel guilty when their pets are sick or hurt.  This one hit home for me.  Sometimes you just hope the vet can fix the problem so your pet doesn't suffer too much.  Especially when we know the time is coming for us to humanely end our pets life.

54% feel guilty when inclement weather prevents them from walking their pet.  I have seen many walk their pets with an umbrella covering the pet, and not themselves.  Which is the RIGHT move!

Ever step on your pet, when they sneak up on you? That loud howl? Oh man that is the worst.  43% felt guilty about that.

We will do an awful lot for our pets.  And sometimes we know what is best for them, but that doesn't mean they don't beg, annoy, or hound us to get what they want.  It is OK to feel a little guilty.  Considering the love they give us, totally worth it!  Don't you agree?

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