Kids, this past weekend I got to go to a rare Sunday live broadcast.  It was in the parking lot of Big Lots, and it was for the Pettis County Community Partnership.  They were accepting donations for their storage sheds. Apparently they had two whole sheds that they needed to fill with household goods and such to give to the needy of Pettis County.

The staff at Big Lots were great.  Justin and the crew really did everything they could to help, and they hope to make it a recurring event.  The Partnership does so much for Pettis County - I really had no idea how much they actually do!   They help with everything from homelessness to literacy to driving classes.   They had a few great volunteers who stood out there with me and we did our best to get everyone out there.

They had a pretty decent turnout, and lots of great stuff was raised.  Big Lots offered 20% off of purchases, Freddy's Steakburgers donated free meal vouchers, and Panera Bread donated free coffee and cookies.  Even though after a while we got a little chilly, that certainly didn't spoil anyone's good cheer.

Thanks to everyone who helped out and everyone who donated, even if it was just one small item.   Every little bit helps.  As someone who needed help recently after the Mark Twain fire, I know that a helping hand can go a long way.  It was great to help them help others.

Next time we have a donation drive, I hope everyone comes out.  I know how generous Sedalia is, and even just going through your pantry for some canned goods or grabbing those extra sweaters from the back of the closet can do more than you realize.

Voluntarily yours,


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