The Paul Klover Soccer Association has a new venture this year called the PKSA Futsal League that will play at the old Boys & Girls Club Gym at 312 South Washington. This league is a newer concept of indoors called the Futsal League where they play on a gym floor with a reduced bounce ball. The games will consist of two teams of five players, including the goal keeper.

My kids are looking forward to playing in this new league, and I played soccer similar to this in high school during PE classes. If Futsal is anything like that, the games will be a little more high scoring and the goalie will have to be constantly ready for shots. I did not play it with a reduced bounce ball, so I'll be curious to see how this goes. Regardless it gives something for the kids to do in the winter and I hope you take a look at it to play.

One of the reasons Paul Klover made this move was to keep costs on the lower side. Fees for kids born after Aug.1, 2007 will be $10 and all others will be $15. Adult Leagues will have a team registration of $150 per team. The PKSA stretched the registration til Friday, Nov. 22nd and you can get forms and rules for this league at or at Pummill's Sporting Goods, located at State Fair Boulevard and 16th Street.

Here's a taste of how the pros play Futsal, looks like fun to me! The season starts Dec. 2, so hope you get on board before the end of the day on Friday (Nov. 22).