The first day of summer was on Monday, June 21, and we're already looking at the fall sports schedule for Smith-Cotton High School!

Rob Davis, Activities Director for S-C released the schedules for the upcoming Fall season sports, i.e., football, swimming, and soccer. It doesn't seem possible but a lot of the teams not only at Smith-Cotton but also at other area schools have started practices/team activities for the upcoming season.

2021 Smith-Cotton Varsity Football Schedule

08/20/21 V  Away Fri Jamboree TBA

08/27/21 V  Away Fri Moberly High School 7:00 pm

09/03/21 V  Away Fri Rock Bridge High School 7:00 pm

09/10/21 V  Home Fri Warrensburg High School 7:00 pm

09/17/21 V  Home Fri Jefferson City High School 7:00 pm

09/24/21 V  Away Fri Hickman High School 7:00 pm

10/01/21 V  Home Fri Battle High School 7:00 pm

10/08/21 V  Away Fri Capital City High School 7:00 pm

10/15/21 V  Home Fri Helias High School 7:00 pm

10/23/21 V  Away Sat Hogan Prep Academy 11:30 am

10/29/21 V  TBA Fri District First Round 7:00 pm

11/05/21 V  TBA Fri District Semifinal 7:00 pm

11/12/21 V  TBA Fri District Championship 7:00 pm

11/19/21--11/20/21 V  TBA Quarterfinals TBA

11/26/21--11/27/21 V  TBA State Semifinals TBA

12/03/21--12/04/21 V  TBA Show-Me Bowl TBA

2021 Smith-Cotton Boy's Soccer Schedule

08/21/21 V TBA Sat Jamboree TBA
08/27/21--08/28/21 V Home Smith-Cotton Shootout TBA
08/31/21 V/JV Away Tue Helias High School 5:00 pm
09/02/21 V/JV Home Thu Republic High School 4:00 pm
09/07/21 V/JV Home Tue Warrensburg High School 5:00 pm
09/09/21 V/JV Home Thu Marshall High School 5:00 pm
09/13/21 V/JV Away Mon Belton High School TBA
09/15/21 V/JV Away We Hickman High School 5:00 pm
09/17/21--09/18/21 JV Home S-C JV Tournament TBA
09/20/21 V/JV Away Mon William Chrisman High School 5:00 pm
09/22/21 V/JV Home We St. Michael Catholic High School 5:00 pm
09/24/21--09/25/21 V Away Jefferson City Tournament TBA
09/28/21 V/JV Away Tue Jefferson City High School 5:00 pm
09/30/21--10/02/21 V Away Kickapoo Tournament TBA
10/11/21 V/JV Away Mon Guadalupe Centers Charter School 5:00 pm0/14/21 10/14/21V/JV Home Thu Rock Bridge High School 5:00 pm
10/18/21 V/JV Home Mon Battle High School 5:00 pm
10/19/21 V/JV Home Tue Capital City High School 5:00 pm
10/21/21 V/JV Home Thu Boonville High School 5:00 pm
10/25/21 V/JV Away Mon Center Senior High School 5:00 pm
10/28/21 V/JV Away Thu Ozark High School 4:00 pm
10/30/21--11/06/21 V TBA District Tournament TBA
11/09/21 V TBA Tue Sectionals TBA
11/13/21 V TBA Sat Quarterfinals TBA
11/19/21--11/20/21 V TBA

2021 Smith-Cotton Boy's Swimming Schedule

08/31/21 V  Away Tue Lee's Summit High School 4:00 pm
09/02/21 V  Away Thu North Kansas City High School 4:00 pm
09/08/21 V  Home We Sedalia Duals 4:00 pm
09/11/21 V  Away Sat Belton Invitational TBA
09/14/21 V  Away Tue Blue Springs South High School 4:00 pm
09/18/21 V  Away Sat Truman Invitational TBA
09/21/21 V  Away Tue Lee's Summit High School 4:00 pm
09/30/21 V  Away Thu Raytown Invitational TBA
10/06/21 V  Away We Truman High School TBA
10/12/21 V  Away Tue Raytown High School 4:00 pm
10/16/21 V  Home Sat Tiger/Arbisi Invitational TBA
10/21/21 V  Away Thu CMAC Championship TBA
10/27/21 V  Home We West Central Classic 4:00 pm
11/01/21--11/02/21 V  Away Independent League Championships
11/11/21--11/13/21 V  Away

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