The State Fair Community College Board of Trustees President Randall D. Eaton opened their Feb. 25 meeting online with an announcement that Trustee Jim Page had resigned his position on the board effective immediately.

According to SFCC policy 0324, the remaining members of the Board will, by majority vote, select an individual to fill the vacant position to complete the unexpired term until the next Board election.

Individuals interested in serving on the SFCC Board of Trustees can contact the SFCC President’s Office. Applicants must reside in the SFCC taxing district to be eligible to serve. The approved applicants will serve in the vacated position until the next election. At that time the position shall be filled by election to complete unexpired term.

Page first connected with State Fair Community College in 1977 when he enrolled in the Vocational Technical school. As a student, he worked in the library and was the first custodian in Hopkins Center when it opened.

Page graduated from SFCC in 1988 with an Associate of Arts degree, continued his education and eventually returned to the college to teach history for 22 years. Page also served as an Academic Division Chair before retiring.

In his resignation letter, Page expressed his affinity for the college and stated that his election to the board was one of his proudest moments.

“I will always be grateful for the opportunities provided by SFCC for my family,” said Page.  “My wife Dana retired from SFCC, and both of our children graduated from the college as well.  It has been a major part of our lives for 40 years.  My time on the board has been a valuable experience, but it is time for our association to come to an end.”

Dr. Joanna Anderson, college president, expressed her appreciation for Page’s service following the board meeting,

“Jim Page has a long, passionate history of supporting State Fair Community College,” said Anderson. “He has always been committed to SFCC, whether as a student, a faculty member or as a trustee. Mr. Page is to be commended for his dedication to this great institution. We thank him for his service and wish him the best.”

For more information on applications, nominations and terms and conditions for serving on the SFCC Board of Trustees, please contact Jo Lynn Turley at or (660) 596-7222.

In the top photo: Members of the SFCC Board of Trustees (from left) Jim Page, Justin Hubbs, Patty Wood, Randall D. Eaton, Richard Parker, and Nick La Strada.


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