The State Fair Community College Board of Trustees met Thursday afternoon in special session.

First on the agenda was a construction bid on a new residence hall on the SFCC campus in Sedalia.

Keith Acuff, VP of Business, introduced the board to Wade Horn, executive vice president and COO of Professional Contractors and Engineers (PCE), 5900-C, North Tower, Columbia.


Horn told the board his company has been in business since 1989 and has done construction work for other colleges in the area and recently opened a new office at Lake of the Ozarks, where condos are being built.

Horn said his company is currently doing security upgrades at seven Sedalia District 200 schools.

He noted that 11 local contractors are involved with the construction of the SFCC new residence hall.

“We did our due diligence, we reached out, we love to use local contractors … Rob (Rollings) helped us out as well, so it worked out well,” Horn told the board.

The board then accepted a base bid from PCE of $13,667,000.

“You will not be disappointed in these guys,” Rollings told the board, adding that some of them have worked together for over 20 years. Rollings said the college was getting the residence hall project for about $259 per square foot. “This is a good, solid number from a good, solid company.”

He added that he would be in contact with the board on a weekly basis during the construction period.

SFCC President Dr. Brent Bates said there is no official groundbreaking ceremony planned at this time.

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The board then approved the sale of personal property belonging to the college, of equipment such as desks, computers and other electronics, kitchen equipment, a generator, a 2001 Chevy Malibu, a coach bus, a two-bedroom, two-bath manufactured home, and microwaves determined to no longer be needed by SFCC, and deemed surplus. The items will be sold at public auction (and online) Feb. 7, Acuff said. The auction will be conducted by Big Iron Auctions..

The SFCC Board of Trustees will meet again Jan. 25.

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