It's winter. I get it.  You're being extra. 

Poor Maxwell the Shrubbery.  He didn't have a chance.

The trees in front of my house are pretty old, I hope the branches stay intact.

A much better photo. It's pretty, I just wish it wasn't so MUCH.

The truck seems to have gotten spared a little.

It was pretty early in the morning when I took this, so the snow made it brighter.

Okay, so I'm not a great photographer.  You get it, snow.

I stayed out of it for the most part.

We did dig out my car on Sunday, that took about an hour or so. We three took turns clearing out a way from the back door to our cars.  Then, a little boy came and offered to shovel our front walk for five bucks.  I let him do it.  And one of our neighbors put a plow thingy on the front of his truck and plowed out the alley around our block.  That was nice of him.

What was it like where you were?  Did you build snowmen?  There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood, there were a lot of snow fights. I hope you didn't get any damage from tree branches or anything! Tell me how it was for you guys!

Snowingly yours,