It never fails. The gift we get for our spouse or significant other never quite measures up to what they really want. So here's your chance to tell us what you really want for Valentine's Day.

We're a little over a month away from Valentine's Day. This could help an untold number of men that are sitting around trying to decide what would be the best gift to get for the woman they love. All men, well most men, start off with good intentions to come up with that perfect gift for February 14. (Guys you notice I included the date so you would be reminded.)

For most men, and I do mean most of us, we walk into a store with no idea of what we are going to buy for that woman in our life. We might have an idea of what she might want but we're still pretty much without a clue.

So here is your chance to choose what your favorite gift would be for Valentine's Day. We're hoping that most men will take the findings of these poll and put them to good use.





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