Based on trout tag sales, 1,684 anglers visited Bennett Spring State Park near Lebanon, 1,727 anglers visited Montauk State Park near Salem, and 1,784 anglers visited Roaring River State Park near Cassville. This year’s total is an increase of nearly 500 more than 2018 figures.

The catch-and-keep trout season continues through Oct. 31. Trout season in Missouri is a cooperative effort of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, which manages state parks, and the Missouri Department of Conservation, which operates the hatcheries and stocks the streams with trout.

In a press releasee from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), Carol Comer, director of the MDNR stated "Each park has something to offer these anglers." She went on to say, “Go to any one of the three state parks, and you will find family traditions that run deep, year after year. There is something to be said about Missouri State Parks and trout fishing.”

A breakdown of trout tag counts and photos from the day are available at



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