Courtesy of YouTube
Courtesy of YouTube

I was a "Breaking Bad" fan. I didn't watch it when it first came out but wound up binge-watching the series years later. The new move "El Camino" featuring "Breaking Bad" character Jesse Pinkman left me a little confused.

The series "Breaking Bad ran from 2008 til 2013. It was probably 2016 when my wife and I wound up watching it due to her coming down with the flu while we were vacationing in Phoenix. Ee couldn't go out so we began watching the series and was hooked from the get-go.

When I saw they were coming out with this particular movie, "El Camino", I was wondering what it would be all about. I'm still wondering after watching the closing scene!

I won't spoil it by revisiting scenes from the movie. All I can say is you will most likely enjoy it if you were a fan of the series in which it was based, but please explain to me what are we to expect next if we are to expect anything at all!


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