ANYTHING can become deadly if you eat enough of it. Sometimes it just takes a really long time.  Wasn't that always the punishment when you were a kid?  You eat something you're not supposed to, and now you have to finish the whole thing? Well, turns out that's not always safe. So, I found some research and figured out the lethal doses for a 150-pound person, when eaten in a single sitting, for normal everyday things.


1.  40 cigarettes.  It might not be obvious, but the nicotine is what would actually kill you.


2.  37-and-a-half tubes of toothpaste.  You'd die from the fluoride.


3.  5.1 pounds of spinach.  You'd end up overdosing on oxalic acid.


4.  1.4 gallons of water.


5.  1.8 COWS' worth of beef.  Believe it or not, the IRON would finish you off.


6.  18 shots of vodka.


7.  48 cups of coffee.  The caffeine would be the lethal ingredient.


8.  122,448 pieces of tuna sushi.  That much would give you a lethal dose of mercury.


9.  A single polar bear liver.  The stored vitamin A would kill you.

Who's eating polar bear liver, though? Not me. Black bear liver, maybe.

Lethally yours,


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