Warrensburg has a new shelter that is welcoming the homeless nightly. It's called Refuge on Ming and it opened on November 9.

According to the shelter's website it's a collaborative effort of Nick and Samantha McDaniels and a group of community members called Johnson County Cares that were all trying to figure out a way to offer the homeless in the Warrensburg area some help and relief on an ongoing basis. All the parties met at the Country Kitchen in August of 2019 and Refuge on Ming was born out of that meeting.

In October of 2019 Nick and Samantha bought a house specifically for the purposes of opening a homeless shelter. Over the course of a year the group took care of maintenance issues the home needed and brought it up to code so it could open as a shelter. Additionally over the past year the group solidified it's core leaders in areas of social work, education and ministry. And on November 9 the City of Warrensburg gave Refuge on Ming it's certificate of occupancy and the shelter opened.

The primary need the shelter is trying to meet is giving homeless in our community a place to get out of the summer heat or winter cold every evening. And as a warming shelter during very cold weather.

While not a soup kitchen or clothes closet they do have nightly meals provided by volunteers and keep some essential warm clothing for people that need it. Additionally, they have an emergency food box free to all who need it on the front porch and have some pre-packaged grab an go items for clients when they leave each day.

Refuge on Ming is open for intake nightly from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM CST and clients can stay until 7:00 AM CST the next morning.If you know someone who can use the services of Refuge on Ming contact them at houseonahillfoundation@gmail.com or 636-439-0997. Or just send them to the shelter at 207 Ming Street in Warrensburg.

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