Samuel Adams is releasing their Utopias, "an extreme barrel aged beer that pushes the limits of barrel aging" according to the brewery's website. However those of us in Missouri won't get to try the ale because it's illegal to sell here.

Why is it illegal? Because it's got 28% alcohol by volume, so Samuel Adams can't sell it in Missouri and fourteen other states. In comparison, a regular Sam Adams Boston Lager has about 5% alcohol. This according to

Even if you could try it the price might scare you away. WLNS-TV reports that the beer sells for $210 dollars a bottle. That said, Samuel Adams does their best to make it sound like a sophisticated after dinner cocktail and compares the taste of the beverage to a few of those cocktails. "A deep rich malty smoothness reminiscent of a Vintage Port, Cognac, or Fine Sherry" is the description on their website.

It'll probably be hard to find the beer where it's legal as Sam Adams only produced 100 casks. That's Ok though. I'm fine if you'll only find it at places with fine hand crafted wooden bars with brass rails. The kind of place where fine cigars are smoked and the clientele think they're having some high minded discussion. I'll skip all that and head down to the place on the corner. The place where you can get a cold Budweiser and discuss how the Cardinals are stinking up this round of the playoffs. That is all I need.


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