Driving in West-Central Missouri can be quite an adventure.  I was driving back and forth to Jefferson City for a period of time and those long lonely roads can be tough, especially late at night.  And don't get me started on my adventures in the snow while driving back to Illinois.  For periods of time, you see nothing but rural roads and empty land.

Doing that, on occasion I turn on my brights.  I am willing to bet I am not the only one who has been blinded by an oncoming vehicle's headlights.  It can be scary.  Well it looks like this could become less of an issue.

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A new type of "smart" headlight that dims them for you.  They are called "adaptive driving" lights.  They will now be available in the US.  Europe has had them for a while.  The lights will use the on-board camera in your car to sense when someone is coming from the other direction, but instead of dimming your lights, they will aim them away from other drivers.

This was you will be able to keep your brights on while you are driving so you can still see everything, and it wont affect the drivers in front of you. There are some other features, too.  It will help you in noticing pedestrians and people on bikes.  The other option is to aim your lights lower when someone is in front of you, so you don't blind them in their rearview mirror.

The video above will explain in more detail how they will work.  Luxury vehicles will get them first but mainstream cars should start to get them soon.  How many of you could use these? I know I could.

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