The icy hand Mother Nature uses to maintain her frigid grip on the country is getting even tighter.

A dog and its two owners had to be pulled to safety after they fell into the ice in a pond in Lyndon, Kentucky on Tuesday.

The pooch, named Lady, initially fell through the ice, prompting the owners to try and save her themselves.

Rescue crews got wind of what happened and sprung into action, saving the couple.

As the woman was being placed in an ambulance, she kept talking about Lady, who remained trapped and surrounded by ice. A neighbor named Nicole Young then grabbed her kayak and rowed out into the water to save Lady herself in dramatic fashion.

I just paddled over to the dog. She put her paws up there, and I grabbed her collar and then down here she had long fur, and I just got her up on the nose of the boat."

Lady and the owners all received medical attention and everyone appears to be okay with no serious injuries.

This is just the latest example of how the brutal winter has wreaked havoc with man's best friend and has more than just a few people pining for the warm rays of spring and summer to arrive.

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