The Sedalia Kennel Club is offering obbediance classes for dog owners and their pups this summer. Both a beginers and a novice to advanced class is being offered. If you've ever wanted to have a dog that will sit, stay, get down, come when called and not jump on people the begginers class is a great place to start.

For those who have successfully completed the beginners class, the novice to advanced class will tackle the relationship between the dog and the dog's human. This class will help the dog become more consistent in following the basic commands in the beginning class and will build up to off leash recalls and stays.

Both classes are taking place on Tuesday nights starting June 26 and ending July 30. The beginning class will meet at 6PM CT and the novice/advanced class at 7PM CT. Classes will be held at Convention Hall and cost is $62, $52 for those 50 years and up.

Sedalia native Sara Steele will be the class instructor. If you'd like more informaiton on how to register for this class and more detail on what's being covered click here. Here is a little bit more general information on the program:

  • Dogs need to be current on vacinations.
  • They will need a properly fitted training collar and a six foot leash.
  • Class size is limited to ten dogs and handlers.
  • You will be handling and training your dog. The SKC instructors are in the class to train you.

This is it, your opportunity to invest the time into making your dog the best, most well behaved dog on the block! I think this training would be a bargain at twice the price. Especially if it stops the dog from jumping on your friends and family!

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